Thursday, June 18, 2009


hey all..
i woke up this morning thn go to class..
what tym?? 10.30..
who`s the lec?? sir Morgan Saminathan..
late?? owhh plezz..
if im late?? owhh bullshit..
why?? sir morgan bebel2!!
so?? i must come to class early..
how today?? mood sir morgan bez..
but?? ermmm...
why?? smthg hpen to our class..
what`s that?? sir angry with ahmad abdul qayyum b md sah..
why?? long story.. abaikn.. haha..

anything?? ermm got second quiz today..
so how?? not really good..
why?? i just got 13 per 19..
any cmnt about that?? ouhh shit!!
so how?? must study...
anythg?? that`s all..

about last night?? ermm.. long story..
wanna share it?? maybe..
what`s that?? expression of feelings..
about what?? fazlinda..
who`s that?? my bestfriend..
so what happen last night?? i share my prob with a gurl..
who?? ermmm.. no need oke..
then?? she gave me advices..
then?? no need to know.. (let me keep it secret)
anything?? that`s all..


aRe_ReEb said...

aper yg ko merepek nie dzull..adush kwn aku sorg nie..

cengkerangcipot said...

diam la ko sial..